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Asking someone for help at the job site – "That's no longer necessary because with xetto®, I can do it alone", says Andreas Willnecker. The equipment builder from Germaringen, Germany, considers xetto® his "dependable helper" and a worthwhile investment given the tremendous time savings it offers in everyday installation situations.

"In the past, I would constantly run back and forth between my work vehicle and the job site," says Andreas Willnecker. "Again and again, separate trips for every heavy piece." If he wasn't able to carry something, he would look for help. His requests were often met with comments like "No time" or "I can't do it right now." "So I had to wait until somebody had time." It was the same routine taking things back to the vehicle. "By the time I had everything back in the vehicle at the end of the day, I was pretty exhausted," he recalls. Everything is different now. "I pack xetto® in my workshop; replacement parts, tools, all in one operation." He is able to load the entire installation kit easily and conveniently into the light truck using xetto®. "At my destination, I use xetto® to get directly to the installation site, carrying everything with me along the way—that's about as efficient as it gets, and everything without assistance."

Additional benefits become apparent with use

The key component of the innovation is a powerful system of microhydraulics and kinematics, developed by HOERBIGER. The xetto® picks up the cargo like a transport cart. It then turns into a pallet truck, lifts its freight to a maximum sill height of 800 cm and into the vehicle, "climbs" in behind it, and stows itself beneath the cargo. Unloading is equally simple: The xetto® extends out of the vehicle, creates a solid footing for itself, turns into a pallet truck again, and allows users to transport their cargo safely and easily to their destination, without straining their backs. Andreas Willnecker, one of the first xetto® pilot customers, tested a wide range of application possibilities during the trial. "All the uses where xetto® can be helpful are astonishing. I think that additional benefits will become apparent with use in the everyday work setting. It has definitely been a worthwhile investment given the noticeable time savings it offers." During loading and unloading on-site alone, he saves as much as a half hour of working time. "This adds up quickly," he says. It is even possible that he has enough time then to fit in an entire additional job. Additionally, he now has the option of driving to his destination alone, while his colleague completes another assignment during this time.

xetto® always lends a hand and attracts attention

The innovative combination of all implements necessary for loading and unloading a small work vehicle in a single piece of equipment is unrivaled, making xetto® a welcome helper for trade, business and industry alike—not just in Andreas Willnecker's business. The newly developed hydraulic unit makes high power density possible. The scissor system, electrical system, and energy storage device of xetto® fit even in the smallest of spaces. The entire system is compact, yet strong enough to lend a hand anywhere at any time. Andreas Willnecker comments: "We are a small business specialized in repairing, modifying and building new mechanical engineering equipment. Our customers include larger industrial firms, but also smaller trades businesses, which we support with cylinder repairs and hydraulic services. One thing was a constant with xetto® during all my jobs: People everywhere came to me, asking me in astonishment what this thing was. With xetto®, you'll definitely be noticed – in the positive sense, of course.“



Brief interview: 3 questions for Andreas Willnecker

"Time efficiency is the main benefit"

Mr. Willnecker, what services does your company offer?

We are a small mechanical engineering business. Additionally, we offer hydraulic services and we repair cylinders. We build, modify and fix equipment—primarily machines and technical systems for industry as well as larger and smaller trades businesses.

Under these circumstances, what do you use xetto® for?

We mainly use xetto® for installation jobs. We load the necessary replacement parts and tools we need for the particular job onto xetto® in our workshop. We then roll xetto®, along with the installation parts, into our light truck, and unload it at the destination. We don’t need a forklift or any other equipment. At the job site, we push xetto® directly to the machine to carry out the repair or replacement of parts. We take the replaced parts with us; we can strap and secure them onto xetto® with the special lashing straps from the accessories portfolio to transport them back to the shop.

What other advantages does xetto® offer?

The time efficiency is the main benefit. A lot of tasks that used to take two installers we can now do alone. This improves our flexibility. The benefit at the destination is also great because we can deliver the components and tools directly to the job site. We no longer have to ask for help because we can do it alone, and we save a lot of time thanks to xetto®.


HOERBIGER is active throughout the world as a leading player in the fields of compression technology, drive technology and hydraulics. The HOERBIGER brand is synonymous with performance-defining components in compressors, industrial engines and turbines, automobile transmissions, and multifaceted mechanical engineering applications. Innovations in attractive technological market niches are the basis for components, systems and services that offer unique selling propositions and lasting benefits for the customer. We set standards.


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