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Michael Reinhoffer and Peter Schrott from Schöler Fördertechnik AG come across transport and lifting equipment on a daily basis and have seen their share of products over the course of their careers. Both were immediately fascinated by xetto®, the comfort loading system, which has proven its worth in everyday work settings.

"Some problems solve themselves over night," Michael Reinhoffer recalls, Sales Manager for Schöler Fördertechnik AG in Rheinfelden, Germany's second-largest Linde Material Handling dealer with a large sales territory in Baden-Württemberg. During the summer of 2016, he was planning to add Cleanfix cleaning robots to his product range, but had a difficult time figuring out exactly how to get the 250-kilogram piece of equipment to the customer. It was around the same time that Reinhoffer first saw xetto® during a presentation. "As a Linde dealer, we have seen our share of transport and lifting equipment. Still, we were immediately excited about xetto®," Reinhoffer recounts. This essentially solved his problem of transporting Cleanfix units over night. He had previously contemplated a long list of solutions—such as loading by crane or purchasing a larger vehicle equipped with a lifting platform—only to dismiss them because they would have been uneconomical. The biggest issue was how to unload the Cleanfix cleaning robot from the vehicle. "Municipal customers with sports or festival halls have neither a crane nor a forklift on-site. If I can't handle the job on my own, I'm out of luck," Reinhoffer comments.

Peter Schrott, who works for Schöler and is in charge of Cleanfix demos for customers on-site, chimes in: "The combination of xetto® and Cleanfix is very efficient and incredibly easy to use," he reports his day-to-day practical experience. Using an aluminum ramp, he moves the Cleanfix onto xetto® and then rolls both onto his light truck. As a result, he always has his helper on board. The lashing straps from the portfolio of xetto® accessories make it very easy to safely transport cargo. "The xetto® offers exceptional yet simple handling," Schrott continues. For him, the greatest advantage of the unit is at the customer's location. "I simply move xetto® back out of the truck and then push it to the cleaning job." He doesn't have to bother anyone for transport and lifting gear, there is no wait, and he doesn't need a second person. "It's fun to work with xetto®. And it reduces the strain on my back" Schrott sums it up.  He can imagine a number of other possible applications beyond the Cleanfix cleaning robot. "I think xetto® is the ideal solution for transporting unwieldy items like gas cylinders, fire extinguishers or heavy tools. It's also great for intralogistics uses inside large factory buildings, where I don't want to use a large crane for every step; with xetto®, I'm much more flexible and faster. I can also easily overcome steps with xetto® or reach landings."

Flexibility is also one of Michael Reinhoffer's key arguments in favor of xetto®. "The investment paid off very quickly, several times over, because we didn't need to purchase a larger vehicle, which would be less fuel-efficient. We don't have to worry about any other transport and lifting gear, or send another man on the job, and the time savings alone is enormous. The system also considerably reduces the physical strain on our demo employee Peter Schrott. We find xetto® incredible, and especially in combination with the Cleanfix it's indispensable." Michael Reinhoffer is not aware of any alternative product that offers this kind of versatility. "I'm convinced that a growing number of customers will find the efficiency of xetto® compelling."

About xetto®:

The original idea of xetto® goes back to the first industrial revolution. While in the 19th century, industry worldwide was growing exponentially, employee protection was increasingly becoming the focus of public concern. With the intention to contribute to the improvement of working conditions in the logistics sector, xetto® was developed in 2014. Made for the modern working world of mobility, increased challenges and time constraints xetto® contributes to the development of safety and health by enabling workers to flexibly transport, load and move heavy weights alone. The clear goal in mind: to offer a first-class service to a demanding clientele. Theme of the core team: to satisfy the individual customer needs with the versatile functionality of the xetto®.


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