At LogiMAT scheduled for March 13 to 15, 2018, HOERBIGER Automotive Komfortsysteme GmbH, a company specialized in innovative loading comfort products, for first time will unveil a new accessory for xetto® that will open up new applications. The xetto® offers significant savings potential in materials management, especially in the transportation and logistics industry: The system increases speed, flexibility and independence, while also reducing physical exertion.

"How can I get a 250-kilogram cleaning robot to the customer?," Michael Reinhoffer asked himself. He is Sales Manager for Schöler Fördertechnik AG in Rheinfelden, Germany's second-largest Linde Material Handling dealer with a large sales territory in Baden-Württemberg. He had previously contemplated a long list of solutions—such as loading by crane or purchasing a larger vehicle equipped with a lifting platform—only to dismiss them because they would have been uneconomical. The biggest issue was how to unload the cleaning robot from the vehicle. "Many of our customers have neither a crane nor a forklift on-site. If I can't handle the job on my own, I'm out of luck," Reinhoffer adds. The solution essentially came over night and was quite simple: "As a Linde dealer, we have seen our share of transport and lifting equipment. Still, we were immediately excited about xetto®," Reinhoffer says.

The xetto® is a transport cart and lifter all in one—the innovative loading and transport system combines numerous functions in a single device, making it the perfect all-in-one solution. The xetto® moves, lifts and loads cargo and goes everywhere you go. The aluminum ramp, a new accessory specifically for logistics solutions, will be unveiled at LogiMAT for the first time. This will further facilitate the loading of equipment on casters. The ramp is simply attached to the airline track style rails both at the front and on the sides and ensures safe and fast loading.

Tests conducted by trade magazines demonstrate the high level of flexibility and excellent cost-benefit ratio of xetto®. The editorial team of Transporter magazine published a six-page article detailing the use of xetto® with the heading "Easy-going employee—transports, lifts and loads cargo into any work vehicle." Editor Andreas Aepler sums it up: "The xetto® is an excellent transport aid that offers high flexibility and utility. We were excited about xetto® and can definitely recommend it.“ He additionally pointed out in the test report that xetto® pays for itself in no time because the product eliminates the need for a second person. The conclusion reached by Mark Schmiechen in his test report in "Maschinen&Technik" also emphasizes flexibility and savings: "The xetto® is great; it truly lends a helping hand and offers relief. In light of possibly eliminating the need for a second person, xetto® could quickly amortize in a business.“

Stephan Keppler points out in his report in the magazine NFM: "There are products that make you wonder what took so long. The xetto® undoubtedly falls into this category. The system is incredibly easy to operate and provides genuine support you won't want to do without."

The judging panel of the 2017 handling award arrived at a comparable conclusion: "There has never been a loading system that is so compact that it fits under the cargo in practically any station wagon. The benefits for the user and the fact that it can be used universally in industry, commerce and trade make the product worthy of an award." The panel consequently awarded 1st place. In addition to the handling award, xetto® in recent months also garnered the Red Dot Award Best of the Best and the iF gold award. "We are proud that xetto is so well-received among trade magazine critics, our customers such as Schöler Fördertechnik, as well as among judges, such as most recently at the handling award," says Klemens Wressnig, Head of the Loading Comfort Business Segment. "Our goal is to develop additional products in Loading Comfort and establish ourselves as an expert in this segment."


HOERBIGER is active throughout the world as a leading player in the fields of compression technology, drive technology and hydraulics. The HOERBIGER brand is synonymous with performance-defining components in compressors, industrial engines and turbines, automobile transmissions, and multifaceted mechanical engineering applications. Innovations in attractive technological market niches are the basis for components, systems and services that offer unique selling propositions and lasting benefits for the customer. We set standards.


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