Leasing With our leasing program, you benefit from attractive offers under fair terms and conditions. As a result, you avoid one-time investment costs and your only monthly operating expense is the moderate leasing cost.

There are plenty of good reasons to lease a xetto®.

  • Product, leasing and service: everything from a single source

    We offer you the new xetto®, including accessories and maintenance, at a fixed leasing rate – a simple, clear and structured approach.

  • Easy & fast processing

    Our certified distributor notifies you of our acceptance of your lease before you leave. Once the contract term starts, the leasing and service rate for your xetto® is conveniently debited directly from your account.

  • Contractual flexibility

    You have the flexibility to decide, based on your needs, how long you would like to use xetto® and for what term the leasing contract will be entered into.
  • Financial planning certainty

    Your leasing rates are established prior to start of the contract and remain fixed thereafter, giving you a reliable financial planning basis.

  • Improved liquidity & profitability

    You do not need a lot of capital to lease a xetto®. Your liquid assets are not tied up, but remain available to you – allowing you to take advantage of cash or other discounts.

  • Does not affect existing credit availability

    The credit line with your principal bank remains unaffected. Your collateral is not used and remains available for other financing purposes.