Willnecker GmbH Asking someone for help at the job site – "That's no longer necessary because with xetto®, I can do it alone", says Andreas Willnecker. The machine manufacturer from Germaringen, Germany, considers xetto® to be a worthwhile investment given the tremendous time savings it offers in everyday installation situations.

In the past, Andreas Willnecker would constantly run back and forth between his work vehicle and the job site. Separate trips for every heavy piece. If he wasn't able to carry something, he would look for help. His requests were often met with comments like "No time" or "I can't do it right now." So he had to wait. It was the same routine taking things back to the vehicle. By the time he had everything back in the vehicle at the end of the day, he was pretty exhausted.

Everything is different now. He packs replacement parts and tools onto xetto® right in his workshop. Then, he loads the entire installation kit easily and conveniently into the light truck using xetto®. At his destination, he uses xetto® to get directly to the installation site, carrying everything with him along the way – that's about as efficient as it gets, and everything without assistance.

The xetto® saves time and money

Willnecker also finds it practical that the sill height of xetto® of up to 80 centimeters approximately corresponds to the customary working height in everyday installation situations. This allows him, for example, to install a pump from xetto® directly on the base frame—simply pushing it over, and with the proper tool located right next to it at working height. The xetto® has definitely been a worthwhile investment given the noticeable time savings it offers. During loading and unloading on-site alone, Willnecker saves as much as 30 minutes. "This adds up quickly," he says. Often he even has enough time to fit in an entire additional job. Additionally, he now has the option of driving to his destination alone, while his colleague completes another assignment during this time.

Willnecker GmbH is a small business specialized in repairing, modifying and building new mechanical engineering equipment. Its customers include larger industrial firms, but also smaller trades businesses, which Willnecker supports with cylinder repairs and hydraulic services. During the xetto® trial, Andreas Willnecker tested a wide range of application possibilities. He is amazed by all the uses where xetto® can be helpful and is of the opinion that additional benefits will become apparent with use in the everyday work setting.

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