Prante Drucklufttechnik GmbH Lifting heavy equipment? That's a thing of the past. The xetto® provides the compressed air systems specialist with physical relief and considerably more efficiency, leaving more time for what matters: the installation and repair work.


Compressed air systems, compressors, and pressure washers—some of the equipment Andreas Prinzing has to load and unload from his light truck is very heavy. The work is often arduous and a strain on his back. With xetto®, the precision machinist has reliable help by his side. After all, the one-man transport and loading system is able to load cargo weighing as much as 250 kilograms. His work at the customer's site will be more efficient in the future since xetto® has such a compact design that it fits effortlessly in the cargo bay of the work van and even stows itself.  Previously, he always had to inquire whether a forklift truck was available on-site. Now, he no longer depends on forklifts since he carries xetto® with him everywhere he goes. 

Greater efficiency thanks to xetto®

Before Prinzing heads for the customer, the 33-year old places everything he needs for the installation or repair job onto the load area in one operation. At the same time, he loads the convenient system into this vehicle. The precision machinist's experiences with HOERBIGER's innovative solution have been great since xetto® means considerably less physical strain. Once on-site, what used to take him several trips can now be done in just one.

The precision machinist owns the small firm Prante Drucklufttechnik, located in Schongau, Bavaria, Germany, jointly with his mother Edith Prante.


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