24 You Synergy What used to take a lot of strength and time, xetto® now manages with ease. For logistics professionals Andreas Fiebig and Viviane Müller, the one-man loading system is the perfect helper in transshipment traffic.

Shipping provider 24 You Synergy from Memmingen in the Allgäu region, Germany, uses xetto® for transshipment traffic on a regular basis. Owners and logistics experts Viviane Müller and Andreas Fiebig meet at the half-way point of their delivery territory with their vehicles fully loaded and transfer parcels from one vehicle into the other. In the past, they had to manually lift the heavy boxes out of one vehicle into the other. This was a time-consuming undertaking, not to mention physically challenging, especially during night-time trips. With xetto®, they can now conveniently transfer the shipments.

With xetto®, we can do more

Andreas Fiebig learned about xetto® from an acquaintance who was involved in its development. "Immediately, I was sure that the system would be a perfect match for our day-to-day business." The one-man loading system is also very helpful in incoming goods and delivery.

Viviane Müller and Andreas Fiebig founded their small business 24 You Synergy in September 2015.

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