Advantages for youDiscover the benefits of xetto® and its unlimited applications.

45 seconds for loading

Time savings & increased productivity

The xetto® allows you to conveniently and quickly load and unload cargo. First, xetto® loads the cargo into the vehicle, and then itself, eliminating time-consuming manual reloading and loading.

Only one person is needed for loading
& unloading


With xetto®, a single person can move, lift, load and unload up to 250 kg of cargo. A second person who was previously needed for unloading is no longer necessary when using xetto® and can assume other tasks.

Absolute safety


With xetto®, it is possible to transport and lift even high-value and sensitive goods and products safely and without accidents. The hydraulic lifting mechanism allows inclination-free loading and optimal height adjustment.

70% suffer from
back pain


According to a 2016 survey of company health insurance funds, almost 70 percent of Germans suffer from back pain at some point. In most instances, the root causes are job-related, such as heavy physical labor. Back pain is one of the most frequent reasons for absenteeism. With a xetto®, you promote your employees' health and capacity to work since unhealthy manual lifting of heavy loads is significantly reduced.